Music and More

Music and More

Music and More

Music by Etuate "Etu" Finau

Enjoy the gift of this worship music to help you transition into a more spacious place with Jesus for retreat.

I Didn't See That Coming


When God spoke to Moses from the flames of a burning bush, He mentioned two destinations: Egypt and The Promised Land. He directed His servant to return to Egypt and lead His people to a spacious place flowing with milk and honey. Not once did God mention the wilderness to Moses, not even with an "Oh, and by the way..." Yet the Israelites wandered in the land of disorientation and dislocation for 40 years. In the video below, Dr. Dharius Daniels delivers a captivating message that sums up our summer retreat series in a different voice, from a different angle. We encourage you to watch it, take note of what God stirs in you, then discuss it with a friend. Enjoy this dynamic conclusion to A Spacious Place.

The Bay Area Blessing


Here is a blessing that has been recorded by many different countries and cities in recent days. This one comes from the San Francisco Bay area. We would like to pray it over you today. Please sit beneath this blessing and receive it in the name of Jesus.

Ocean Waves

If you need some space to breathe more deeply, enjoy the sight and sound of the waves in this ocean-view video for a moment.

Music by Christopher Williams

Enjoy this video and song written and created by Christopher Williams, one of our beloved and gifted musicians in Young Life.​

Interview with John Smith

In the video below, Daniel interviews John Smith, Young Life staff veteran in Oakland, California. As we learn to “live at the speed of being known” (see Retreat Three), this video provides us the opportunity to see and hear the story of someone who lives in the midst of grief, loss, violence and injustice every day. John shares insights and practices that have kept him moving from grief toward gratitude for the past 23 years.

Interview with Terry Looper

We invite you to engage with the video interview below with Young Life Trustee Terry Looper. In his thirties, Terry was drawn into a desert through an episode of disabling burnout. That desert lasted four years, and in it the Lord taught him the posture and practice of surrender that has become the daily practice of his life today. As you listen to the interview, don’t simply listen to Terry. Listen to the Lord. What is He saying to you through Terry’s experience in the desert?

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