A Spacious Place

Brought to you byTHE GOOD WAY

A Spacious Place

Brought to you byTHE GOOD WAY

Lenten Devotional

We are excited to share A Deeper Journey, which is a series of weekly devotions for Lent.


Seven personal retreats that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a day.
Come as you are. Leave when you like.
Enjoy a few unhurried moments with Jesus​ in between.
Getting Started
Music and More
Each Retreat Contains:

An intro with a few written paragraphs, video, and questions for reflection.

Further up and further in section. For those who are looking for a little more, or extra content for a subsequent day.

Further still. A third section for engagement, either on the same day or a third day of your retreat.


Additional resources for those looking to explore.

Retreat, as Ruth Haley Barton reminds us, is a form of strategic withdrawal in the midst of a battle, and best done with others. Whom can you invite on your retreat? Do you want to go with one other person? A group of friends?

Young Life’s senior leadership has invited leaders of The Good Way to create these retreats. The Good Way is a Timeline Training offering dedicated to exploring answers to the questions below:

What if...

In the midst of fully-engaged lives, there were a way to experience radical rest that would saturate our souls and permeate all of our activity?

There were a way to re-set our stride so that we truly walked in the unforced rhythms of grace?

There were a way to dwell more deeply with Jesus, and live more generously and freely because of His transforming love?

We believe that there is such a wayThe Good Wayand that as a mission Jesus is inviting us to walk in it with Him.
View our retreats below:
The Spacious Place Team

Donna Hatasaki

Director of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care


Daniel Lai

Associate Regional Director for the Golden Gate Region


Tracey Meeks

Training Associate for the Eastern Division


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